COVID Requirements

There are many specific requirements and guidelines we are adhering to so that you can practice Pilates in a safe and healthy environment.  We are following the guidelines of the State of Oregon and to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).  The OHA guidance states:


Masks, face shields or face coverings are required when outdoors and inside businesses.  Social distancing of 6 ft is always maintained from others.


Please wear a  mask to the studio and during your work out session.   Please wash or sanitize your hands before working out, and allow your instructor to take your forehead temperature before beginning your session. We have touchless sanitizers at the studio.  We have gloves if you would like to wear them or bring your own. 6 ft social distancing from each other inside the studio at all times. If there is a session before you please wait outside - again 6 ft apart.  Your teachers will be wearing masks or shields with social distancing and no hands-on cueing.  We will limit the number of people taking a session. Privates, semi-privates, and if room a trio. The class time will be 45 minutes to give everyone a chance to wipe everything they touched and get ready for the next class - especially back to back sessions.  The teachers will do a double cleaning and wiping down after you. If you don't feel well, even a tiny bit, please err on the side of caution and stay home to rest.  We have a WAIVER for you to download and sign (see button below). Please email it to me or bring it before your first session.  We would also like to update our profile cards on each one. At your first session, you might want to come a little early and fill out the new profile card. Pilates socks will be required.  Again, for hygiene purposes.  You can purchase them online at  We have a few to sell.  Please remember to bring your water bottle to keep hydrated.  We are trying to eliminate as much touching on objects as possible, so no water pitcher at this time.