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Group Pilates class
Private Pilates session

Note: While we have a full schedule of Pilates sessions and classes, we do not post it because your requirements and experience are unique to you, and before we place you in private sessions or into a group we want to get to know you so that we can determine how we can best serve you, and tailor your workout for the best possible Pilates experience at Sellwood Pilates. So please call us now, or click the "Book a Class" button to email us, and let's get started!


We offer private sessions, and we also offer Group Equipment Reformer Sessions in groups of 3 to 5.


Private Sessions: Our private Pilates sessions are the most effective way to learn, practice, and perfect your Pilates performance. Guided by one of our expert instructors, you'll receive undivided attention with a session customized to your specific needs and goals. Private sessions are the best way to attain the ultimate Pilates results.


Semi-Private / Duo and Groups: Our group reformer classes provide challenging workouts for those who have already attained a level of skill in their Reformer experience. We incorporate the jumpboard, magic ring, balls, and bands in our group sessions. 

Group Classes:  Morning, evening, and Saturday classes are by appointment only. Please call to schedule.

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