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Certified Pilates Instructor and Owner

Vicki's Pilates full studio training certification was completed in 2005 through Momentum Studios of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been in the fitness instruction profession for over 18 years here in the Portland area. She started out with the Step Aerobic programs, added Stationary Cycling, personal trainer programs, dance programs, and taught Yoga through Yogafit International. She came to Sellwood Pilates Studio (formerly Imago Dei Studio) as a Yoga instructor and fell in love with the core, strength, and balance challenge through movement that Pilates teaches. After her Pilates certification was completed, she became an instructor and has been teaching here for the past 10 years. Then the opportunity came her way to become the owner of the studio.


Vicki finds Pilates to be the most complete and comprehensive program in keeping your body moving. For over 18 years she has taught and helped men and women of all ages and levels to reach their goals for better balance, flexibility, posture, and mobility using the Pilates method. Each one is "strengthened from the center out".

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Certified Pilates Instructor

Mary is passionate about Pilates. She loves health and fitness and looks forward to sharing her enthusiasm with you. Mary’s optimism will motivate you to pursue your specific goals. Mary can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing the ups and downs of life. She communicates her lifelong interest with laughter and a smile.


Mary serves beginners to professional athletes, adolescents to elders and has helped those rehabilitating from injuries to those coping with chronic medical conditions. She can help you increase your flexibility, core strength and back health. Doing Pilates with Mary may help you prevent joint injuries while also helping you to move with greater freedom.


Mary completed her Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification training through the Momentum Studio Teacher Training Program in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mary is a certified Health and Fitness Specialist as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. In addition to teaching at Sellwood Pilates Mary enjoys teaching Pilates at Reed College in Portland, OR. Outside of the studio she enjoys her family, spiritual growth and a variety of outdoor activities. She looks forward to helping you achieve your goals for greater health.

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Certified Pilates Instructor

Nobuko has taught Pilates internationally in the US and Japan. She is drawn to Pilates’ simple but universal style that helps achieve deep, long-lasting results. Movement has always been central to Nobuko’s life. She’s played competitive volleyball, competed in field athletics, and studied and performed modern dance with The Jun Kono Dance Troupe in Japan. As a result, she has become all too familiar with back pain, knee injuries, and shoulder issues. Through learning how to manage her own recovery, Nobuko has developed a keen interest in rehabilitation and prevention.

Nobuko believes movement is the key. Her focus is on mind-body connection and feeling good in daily life. She guides clients to re-educate their bodies and introduces them to new movement patterns – helping them overcome unhealthy habits and build strength, flexibility, and confidence. Her teaching style is a combination of Pilates repertoire and therapeutic method.

She is certified with The Physical Mind Institute, Balanced Body, The Pilates Method Alliance, and she is a Bodhi Suspension System® Master Trainer. She also has Personal Trainer certifications from NSCA-CPT,  and ACE. Nobuko continues to grow her knowledge with ongoing participation in workshops and conferences.

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Certified Pilates Instructor

Vaughn discovered Pilates as a way to recover from multiple knee injuries as a young athlete. Despite diligent physical therapy over four years, her strength and mobility had never fully recovered. Discouraged by her lack of progress, she began Pilates. Within six months, both her strength and mobility had dramatically improved and she was hooked.

Vaughn sharpened her skill to work with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and stages of fitness while studying for eight years under renowned BASI (Body Arts and Sciences International) faculty member Sondra Karman. Rehabilitation is one of her specialty areas, although she enjoys working with anyone who is ready and excited to do the work. Vaughn has a strong focus on form and precise movement patterns for optimal alignment in her teaching. She is extremely proud to represent BASI in the Pilates world.

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Certified Pilates Instructor

Sarita has always had a passion for movement. She graduated with a BFA in Dance from CSU Long Beach in 2015 and it was during her time at school that she received her Body Arts and Science International Pilates certification with a specialization in dance. Sarita has danced professionally with various companies throughout the California Bay Area and taught at numerous studios. With a unique understanding of body mechanics developed through lifelong dance training, Sarita emphasizes proper form through detailed instruction and precise cuing. She is excited to join the Sellwood Pilates Team and looking forward to exploring Portland. 

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