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Types of Pilates Sessions Offered

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

At Sellwood Pilates we provide opportunities to enjoy PIlates in a setting that will meet your needs. We offer private sessions, and we also offer Group Equipment Reformer Sessions in groups of 2, or 3.

Private Sessions: Our private Pilates sessions are the most effective way to learn, practice, and perfect your Pilates performance. Guided by one of our expert instructors, you'll receive

undivided attention with a session customized to your specific needs and goals. Private sessions are the best way to attain the ultimate Pilates results.

Semi-Private / Duo and Trio Groups: Our group reformer classes provide challenging workouts for those who have already attained a level of skill in their Reformer experience. We incorporate the jumpboard, magic ring, balls, and bands in our group sessions.

(Coming soon) Intro Beginners Group: This Reformer class session is meant to introduce beginners to the basic concepts of Pilates in a group (2 to 3 participants) session without paying the private session price. This session can also be a "tune up" for those getting back into practice

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